For 2019/2020, the LPH Exec have introduced a new fees structure, which we believe reflects the evolving nature of the organisation of schools in Leicestershire.

We have also listened to the concerns of Small School Heads and have reduced the membership cost to their schools and have introduced a new tier as a way of staggering the sudden increase in fees for schools with a NOR of 100 – 150.

If there is an Executive Head of more than one school, their membership will be calculated on the total number of pupils on roll across all of the schools they lead.   If this works out as more expensive, then Heads can revert to paying for each school separately.  Each Head’s Membership will allow for one free place at all LPH events and one place at £50.00 (schools below 300) and two places at £50:00 each (schools above 300).  This is to reflect the higher numbers of senior staff in larger schools, and the higher subs that these schools pay.

500 +


300 - 499


200 - 299


150 - 199


100 - 149


Under 100


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